Saturday, September 10, 2011

A long day trucking.

Around 6 a.m I finally forced myself out of bed this morning.  We were parked on the shoulder of an on-ramp at a rest area pointed northbound to I-81 in Radford, Va. 
We stopped at the T.A truck stop yestersday in Commerce, Ga. to grab a
shower and eat before dropping our toy load at a drop yard in Charlotte.  We hadn't, received a pre-plan so we grab an empty trailer and head over to a small Pilot truck stop hoping to get the night off.  It was almost 5 p.m and after 5 planners go home. 
On the way in we are greated by someone who wants to polish my tanks and wheels and another wants to sell me a shiny bracelet that was gold in color.  We use the restroom, grab a drink, buy some lotto tickets and go back to the truck. 
Two minutes later the qualcom lights up.  Its a paper load.  Picks up in Catawba, Sc. 31 mls away.  We need a clean, dry trailer no older than ten years old.  We grabbed the newest trailer we could find when we were at the drop yard and it was made in 00.  So I call in an she shows three trailers over there under 10 yrs old we could use. 
Long story short we finally find a acceptable trailer, find the customer, get our empty inspected, drop our empty, hook our loaded, get scaled and on our way to Carlisle Pa by 11:30.
And THAT is why my sorry butt wouldn't get out of bed this morning.
Steve Riser Sr.

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