Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Friend I Never Had

I moved to Del Rio because I was going through a divorce and my brother lived there and could get me a job working for Galindo. A trucking company that ran mexican freight up to the midwest.   They ran team and was home usually once a week so it worked for me to get a new life started.

The week prior I had spent in San Antonio on the computer feeling sorry for myself that my long time love/hate relationship with my wife had finally come to an end.  While on the computer I met Gayla my current wife.

After a while driving for Galindo the owner let me train Gayla after she completed the driving school there in Del Rio.  It was then that we met David and Maty.

David and Maty drove team for Galindo as well. We became friends. We would plan things to do on our time off.  Steve and Gayla, David and Maty. When you see one you see the other. The perfect couple friends.

We crossed the boarder one time and went to a mexican festival that had rides and shows. We ended up in a drag queen show. I didn't understand a word but David was pointing at me behind my back and got the Drag Queen who was talking on stage to single me out.  Well everyone was laughing and having a good time at my expence. Good Times!

Then we went to a chicken fight. David and Maty explained it all and how it was done. I think we finally got home around seven in the morning.

We used to hang out and drink at the pool.  I bought me a new lasso and lassoed David across the pool.  I didn't mean for him to get wet but he did and was not happy.

They introduced us to cabrito. Baby goat. Big in the southwest for bbq.  Mexicans eat good now.

When we lived in Del Rio we planned all our time off with David and Maty. They would stay home extra days so that we could hang out before they had to go back out.  We were always depressed when we couldn't be off at the same time.

Then one day we decide that Galindo didn't pay enough. We both had bills and needed to make some real money. So we decide to put in an application to Interstate Distributers out of Tacoma Wa. But in order for them to hire us we had to move to San Antonio.

David and Maty helped us pack the Uhaul.  We went back to see them one other time before we lost touch. We thought about them often. We even keep a pic of the four of us on our fridg. But we just never took the time.

Gayla out of the blue today ten years later decided to punch them up in the computer.  David was in a car accident last year and past away.

As I morn and remember the good times we shared I realize I haven't had such a good friend since. Ten years and no one fits the bill.

I had a friend that would go out of his way for me and me him.  I don't remember ever having that and I let us loose touch and now its to late.  I never realized the friend I truly had. The friends Gayla and I both had in David and Maty. We miss the times we shared together. 

Makes me very sad.  I will look for a friend to care about and that cares about me because now I see the value in it.

Rest In Peace David Rameriz.  You were a good friend.

Steve Riser Sr.

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