Friday, September 9, 2011

A Load Of Toys

Started out the morning at 0245 in Olive Branch, Ms.  We have a drop yard there. 
After we dropped and hooked an empty in Dallas yesterday, we deadheaded to Fort Worth for a pre-loaded trailer
at Matell Toys going to the TA truck stop in La Vergne, Tn.  
There is a good mexican restaurant close by there so we dropped our empty and bobtailed over just missing the lunch rush.  Neither one of us had eaten and felt famished by the time we arrived.  It didn't take long for the chips and salsa to disappear.
After lunch we went back over for our load of toys.  Just so happens Matell has an outlet store at the other end of the building and truckers get 30% off.  So after we grab our load and swich our logs we head over there.  We get a couple of christmas gifts for some yungins in the family a deck of cards and a pretty decent baby moniter for a friend who just gave birth.  Over a hundred bucks worth of stuff and if you spend over $50 you get an additional $10 off.  We paid $61.  So that was pretty cool.
That load of toys don't deliver until the end of the month which is why we were at the drop yard in Olive Branch. There was another loaded trailer that a driver dropped going to Charlotte Nc.  That is the load we have now. 
If all these little short runs weren't drop and hook I would be on the phone chewing some ass.  We run cross country.  That's the easiest way to get our miles in for the week. Me spending all day unloading and her spending all night running is not only the hardest was to turn our miles for the week but its also driver abuse.  Lol. Couple months of that and we would be renting a u-haul and cleaning out our truck.

Steve Riser Sr.

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