Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking the short run.

Thanksgiving week was a slow week for us.  Turns out this week will too.

After dropping our trailer yesterday in West Jefferson we ran over to the TA truck stop for a couple hrs waiting on our next load.  Chillicothe, Oh to York, Pa.  56 deadhead miles,  458 loaded. 

Came just in time for rush hour traffic in Columbus.  270 south around the city was at a dead stop from the time we hit the on ramp.  After about a half hr we finally started moving.

Five minutes later we see a sign. "Hwy 23 South Closed"  "Find Alternate Route" That's the hwy we need.  Turns out someone had ripped a power line down.  So we go around the long way.  So did everyone else.  It took another hour and a half to actually get on 23.

When we finally get there they inform us they are running eleven hrs behind.  So I call dispatch and get ready for a long wait.  Four hours later im signing the paperwork and heading out of there.  Leaving all the other trucks that were there before me still sleeping comfy while waiting to be loaded.  Don't know why but I ain't complaining.

So now we sit at the receiver waiting to be unloaded.  Went by the birth place of our HD heritage softails on the way here.  We have to go up to Carlisle yard to get a P.M done before we can get rolling and making money.  Another short week when we are trying to save for R.O.A.L and buy Christmas. 

It will all work out.  Always does.

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