Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spinning our wheels

Called dispatch after we got unloaded yesterday.   The head of the shop said we could get our P.M done at Speedco and they had a Salt Lake sitting on the yard waiting for us.   So after saying a short prayer while driving back by the birthplace of our motorcycles, we headed to Carlisle.

It was lunch time when we went by the exit for the Petro.  We had to come back and drive right buy there after we did a quick drop and hook just a few more miles down the road.  So we decided to wait and eat then.

We get to the yard, I hurry and drop my empty trailer and bobtail over to dispatch for the paperwork to the Salt Lake load.  The guy in line in front of me takes way longer than normal.  Then when he finally gets out of my way I get my paperwork and see that the load weighs 36,193.  Then I look for the scale ticket to see that my tandems are ok on the weight.  There isn't one. 

Company policy is that "every" load dropped on the yard is scaled and a copy of the ticket left with the paperwork.   I don't worry about it unless the load is over 30k.  Then its possible that I could be over weight on a axle.  Now before we can leave for Salt Lake we have to scale the load.

So I grab the paperwork and run back out to the truck to hunt down the trailer.  I find it,  back under, throw on my lights and flashers, connect my lines, raise the landing gear and do a quick walk around.  Great!  I've got a flat tire and the d.o.t sticker is expired to months ago.  The bead was broke on the tire so I know it was brought in that way.

After a quick call I find out that it was the ass hole in front of me in dispatch that left me this mess without a scale ticket.  And the shop is at lunch.

A half hr. later I'm in the shop sitting in my cab and decide to check my e-mail.  "Congradulations your new app (TruckingBiker) has been published in the Android Market.  Cool!  Something good today.  I'm still hungry though.  Haven't eaten all day and its pretty close to 2pm.

So we finally get out of there, head over to the Petro to scale, fuel and eat before Gayla takes off on her shift. 

She gets to the Travel Plaza in West Unity, Oh. before pulling in because the roads were getting to dangerous. 
Sometimes we get days like this.

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