Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Winter Storm 2011

Yesterday was boring.  Pretty much just holding the steering wheel all day.  Worked on our new app. available now for free in the Android Market.  Need to make one for Iphone.

Took over in Sidney Ne. this morning. The driver in front of me at check out was headed east.  He promised lots of fun in the snow going west.  Some kind of winter storm or something.  There's a walmart across the street so I go in and grab some extra food just in case we get shut down somewhere.

Sidney to the Wy. line was fine.  It started snowing about then.  The roads got progressively worse until I couldn't see but part of the road and was down to 35mph. 

It was dark and my headlights were half covered in ice.  I stopped three times to knock the ice off the wipers so they could kinda sorta do their job.

By the time we hit Rawlins the road cleared up.  65mph.   The thing is I had this kick butt video planned on our first winter storm.  By the time it was daylight it was over.  Lol.  Maybe next time. 


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