Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back in Carlisle

A state trooper pulled us over yesterday in Kansas for no other reason than to do a level two inspection on the truck.  I sure wish I would have had that tail light fixed on the tractor back I Salt Lake.  Gayla is pretty mad at me about it because "she" was driving.   Oh well we got a fix it ticket.  Could have been worse.

We had to put the truck in the shop anyway because the engine fan wont kick off.  The thing is, is that the shop goes home at 3pm and they wont have time to get to our truck until tomorrow (Sunday).  But it really doesn't matter anyway because there isn't any freight until Monday. 

Since our truck is in the shop, the company will put us in a hotel.  So I will drop this load in Camp Hill, bobtail to drop off Gayla at the hotel, then go on over and put the truck in the shop.

Even though I certainly ain't hating that we get the rest of the weekend off, it puts us behind on our miles for next week.  There's nothing I can do about it so might as well let it go and try to enjoy our time off.

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