Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thurs. 11/24/11 Thanksgiving

We are on our way back east to West Jefferson,  Oh.  after delivering soy flour in Wasco, Ca yesterday.   We had a sixty mile deadhead to Visalia, Ca.  to pick up a load of party mix going back to Oh. 

It delivers on th 28th so we have plenty of time.  I don't know if we will get to drop it somewhere or if we will have to deliver it.

We will take this afternoon off somewhere to recognize Thanksgiving and to give thanks.  I tend to always want more than what I have but if I step back and look I see that I am truly blessed.

Im sitting in a rest area right now.  Just crossed over into Nm.  Gayla is asleep.  She has been driving all night. 

I have been thinking about creating a character for YouTube.  A super hero.  Might call him Super Trucker.  Maybe shoot some comedy skits.  What do you think?  Any comments?

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