Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back On The Road

We just came back on the road yesterday after having four days off.  We were supposed to be ready to go at ten a.m.  I went out to the truck to start it up and see if the air pressure was going to build up like it was supposed to because we have been having problems with it.
 We have been going out to start the truck each morning to make sure the batteries were holding up.  Each day they started the truck, not yesterday though. I'm pretty sure we have a battery about ready to quit on us.  So it took an extra couple hours for a guy to come out and put some jumper cables and a new air regulator on the truck.

So about noon we head over to the Indianapolis drop yard to pick up a loaded trailer for Milton, P.A due that night.  Its about eight hundred miles including the deadhead so that didn't happen.  We did roll in about five this morning to drop that loaded trailer on one of their docks and pick up another empty trailer.

Our planner doesn't come into work until six so we had to sit there for a while before I could call him.  When I did he told me to bring our empty trailer down to Camp Hill and he would have something for us.  Before to long we had a pre-plan to Dallas, Tx from Camp Hill.  Picked up at eleven a.m.  Got down there around nine so I took a little nap and went in at twenty till to get the paperwork.  At ten after, I finally walked out of their with the paperwork.

We go on down to the Petro truck stop to scale the load and grab a bite before we head out.  They want us there tomorrow by one p.m central time.  Fourteen hundred miles and approximately twenty five hours to do it.

The wife woke me up this morning around one a.m because she was just to tired.  So since we work twelve hour shifts I worked an extra hour and gave it up at two.  Now I have to get some sleep.

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